Cardinal siri thesis

Cardinal siri thesis, The siri thesis is the assertion that cardinal giuseppe siri, the long-serving and conservative archbishop of genoa, was elected pope in the 1958 papal conclave.

How can the answer be improved. Contra: 'the cardinal siri thesis' by cfn, john vennari, ed pro: 'the cardinal siri thesis' by tcw, david hobson. [33:21] watch 'cardinal giuseppe siri, pope gregory xvii, the pope in red and the siri thesis exposed' 11/27/17 #people&blogs #cardinalgiuseppesiri #cardinalsiri. Cardinal giuseppe siri (pope gregory xvii) the siri thesis/fact, holds that actually cardinal giuseppe siri was elected pope after the. The “siri thesis ” (self of the current pontiff and the pontiff emeritus they were both elevated to the office of the papacy after the death of cardinal siri. Catholics and conspiracies heidi beirich the roman catholic church has always been an attractive target for conspiracy theorists the cardinal siri thesis.

This really reads like a siri thesis designed specifically for those attached to the modernist church if you recall, according to the siri thesis, cardinal giuseppe. Samuel ferraro said cardinal siri was one of the church's greatest princes i have done a great deal of reading on the siri thesis while it certainly seems. The siri thesis (fact): a cardinal on the move: picture of his eminence, giuseppe cardinal siri of genoa, italy, at the ospedale galliera (a hospital in genoa of.

 · the full article about cardinal giuseppe siri, pope gregory xvii, the pope in red and the siri thesis exposed can be read at: http://wwwtrusaintcom. Cardinal giuseppe siri if the pope siri thesis was not more than a tad plausible it's important to note that this six-digit-donation. The siri thesis - page 1 - crisis in the church according to the presumptive evidence for siri thesis the threats to cardinal siri were very serious.

  • Photos of the cardinal siri in amiable relations with the conciliar popes put to rest the siri thesis.
  • Siri thesis under attack part ii (click here for part i) march 3, 2006 by h spigornell perhaps thousands of people around the world believe cardinal siri was.

The “siri thesis” purports that at the 1958 conclave, cardinal siri was elected pope and took the name pope gregory xvii, but was displaced by cardinal roncalli who became the false pope john xxiii the same happened in 1963 with siri being elected, and then displaced by the false pope paul vi. Cardinal siri thesis abbot marmion pope francis vs st francis of assisi recalling the words of the revered cardinal torquemada who taught. Cardinal giuseppe siri giuseppe siri supporters of the siri thesis also refer to him as pope gregory xvii and the pope in red.

Cardinal siri thesis
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